Cooking Courses - Evening Series

LEARNING TO COOK IItaught by Julia Lee

Begins Tue, Aug. 19th, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Six Evening Classes $595

This second Series is really a continuation of the first Learning to Cook. What we have done is design these two Series so that you can pay for six classes at a time and attend the ones that suit your schedule. When you complete all twelve classes, you will receive a certificate and an apron. In this second Series, Julia will lead you through a variety of recipes, concentrating on such subjects
Week 1) Fish and Sauces; (poaching and grilling)
Week 2) Chicken and Sauces (roasting and sauteeing)
Week 3) Meat and Sauces (braising and stewing)
Week 4) Root Vegetables and Legumes (roasting and grilling)
Week 5) Fruit and Custard Desserts (ice creams and sorbets)
Week 6) Pastries and Cakes (for celebrations)

Of course, you will always enjoy a well-rounded meal. Other subjects of discussion will be menu planning, timing a meal, and appropriate wines. When you complete these twelve evening classes, you will have the confidence to cook well for the rest of your life.